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The Great Pearl:
Edgar Cayce and the Search for Your Inner Divinity​
Doug Muha, Ed.S.

Thursday, March 23, 2023
5-7pm CDT

Green Hills Library

3701 Benham Ave.
Nashville, TN  37215


Using modern research, ancient wisdom, and the experiences of individuals such as Edgar Cayce, this presentation will provide a different model of consciousness than that found in modern psychology. The ramifications of this model are staggering, and go straight to the heart of many religions: the divinity present within each of us.

Doug Muha is the author of the 2020 book, There is More to You Than You Know: Nine Overlooked Truths for the 21st Century from a Prophet in the 20th, based on the work of Edgar Cayce. Doug has been a professional counselor since 1990. He holds and Ed.S. in Guidance and Counseling, a M.Ed. in Community Counseling, and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. In addition to his full-time work as a counselor, he served 15 years as an online college instructor. He has been a student of the Edgar Cayce Readings since 1985 and a life member of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. since 1994. 

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